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Feb 5, 2019

Huntin Land | Ep12 | What Deers Eat
This is Huntin' Land, the podcast for Land Hunters and Landowners; with Real-Time Rut Reports, Waterfowl Migrations, and How-to's for Habitat Management and Land Investment.
This week we're wrapping up Whitetail season in Alabama, but if you're passionate about hunting and wildlife like we are, the season never stops. Lot's of our listeners want to know: What do Deer Eat? What are the best shrubs and mast trees for wildlife? The winter is the ideal time to plant fast-growing shrubs for wildlife and because mast trees for wildlife are dormant this time of year, it's also a great time to get em in the ground. This week we're talking to Allen Deese with The Wildlife Group and we're getting a crash course on wildlife trees and shrubs. 
We get a lot of landowners that want to know, how much is my land really worth? We’ve recorded a video series to explain exactly how we determine that... just head over to to get the series. I’m confident it will help you achieve your land goals.
For the best shrubs and mast trees for wildlife, today we'll cover:
Choosing a site - What do we want to look for in sites that we can enhance with mast trees for wildlife? What about soils for the best wildlife trees and shrubs? How does topography affect fast-growing shrubs for wildlife? How much light do we need for our hard and soft mass trees? What kind of water requirements do mast trees for wildlife need??
Selecting a plant - When it comes to wildlife trees and shrubs for sale, Allen has them all. Mast Trees for wildlife, fast-growing shrubs, Allen gives us the quick and dirty on everything you might want to plant and gives us the processes he uses to select the right plants for the site. 
Prepping a site - How do we get our site prepared to plant shrubs and mast trees for wildlife? Do we need soil tests? Do we need to remove other plants? 
Planting a tree or shrub - What time of year is best? Are there any special tools needed or do we just need somebody like Clint to bring his posthole diggers? Anything we can add the root mass to improve the transplant?
Protecting a tree or shrub - What are the most common reasons people lose trees? How do we protect our mast trees for wildlife?
Maintaining a tree or shrub - How much upkeep is there on mast trees for wildlife on an annual basis? What time of year should we plan for this upkeep? 
Thanks for listening, be sure to email us your questions to If you would like more information on the best shrubs and mast trees for wildlife, contact Allen Deese at The Wildlife Group at 1-800-221-9703