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Apr 8, 2019

HLP | Spring Food Plots for Deer and Turkey | ep19

This is Huntin' Land, the podcast for the Landowner and the Land hunter. With how to's for habitat management and land investment, if you're a landowner or dream of owning land, you don't want to miss this show. 
On this episode, we're talking about Spring Food Plots for Deer and Turkey. We go in-depth with Daniel Bumgarner of Wildlife Management Solutions to discover a lot we didn't know about planting summer and spring food plots for deer and turkey. 

First, we'll start with why:
As they relate to Deer and Turkeys, why should we plant Spring Food Plots?
Are hunters planting enough spring and summer food plots?
Then the When:
When is the optimal for planting?
When should we make soil amendments?
If we amend, do we need to wait to plant or can we do all of that in a weekend?
Then We'll get into the what:
What conditions should we look for in weather and soil?
What types of plants thrive in the spring and summer?
What plants make good perennials? Is Spring time the right time to plant them?
Next the Where:
Where should we plant? 
Does spring food plot size matter? 
Should we plant our Spring plots where we plant our fall plots?
What about Bowhunters? Can we plant something that we can leave growing through early archery season and then replant with cool season plants just before rifle season? 
Last we'll cover the how:
How does WMS determine what seeds to blend together in a patch?
How do you guys determine the right amount of seed for your blends?
How can a hunter insure the best germination?
Thanks for listening. If you'd like to talk to Daniel at Wildlife Management Solutions and get more information on their spring food plots for deer and Turkeys, reach out to them at Wildlife Management Solutions