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Apr 22, 2019

HLP - EP20 | Land Inheritance - How to Sell Inherited Land

Many Landowners inherit their land and although the legacy their forefathers began is important to them, there comes a time where that land must be sold. Whether you're buying or selling inherited land, there are some common occurrences that both buyers and sellers should consider. Today on the show we're talking with Coleman Bryars, President of Alabama Land Title. We're going to be learning what it takes to ensure clear land title with a title search and why this should be a focus of yours when beginning the sales process. We'll cover:

What is title insurance? Why do I need it? 

If the property was originally financed, will there be title insurance? Does title insurance "run out"?

Dealing with selling a property or buying a property where there was, or was not a Will. 

Selling a property with siblings?

How much does title insurance cost on land? Is it a one time fee? 

Surveys, should the seller invest in a Survey if they do not have one?

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