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Jun 10, 2019

Slade Johnston is the founder and CEO at and he has quite an interesting story regarding how he got into this business.

Learn more about Slade's story here:



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On the show you'll learn:

What does a landowner need to do to get started swapping hunts?

What kinds of experiences can be swapped for hunts besides hunts?

Does trips4trade only offer swaps, hunt for hunt, or are there guys trading all types of trips?

When you list a hunt or service, can you state what you will swap for or are people free to approach you with offers?

What protections are there for the participants? What if someone doesn't hold up there end of the deal?

Are there any costs associated with being on Trips4Trade?

What if someone doesn’t own land? How can they get involved?

If you've ever wanted to hunt in different parts of the country or world or you'd like a way to leverage experiences on your land for other experiences, you owe it to yourself to tune in to this week's show.