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Mar 23, 2023

Financing Landlocked Property Explained with Ben Elliot of Alabama Ag Credit | EP145

On this episode, Joe and Butch speak with Ben Elliot, a loan officer with Alabama Ag Credit, about financing landlocked property. Ben has years of experience helping people find the best financing options for their landlocked property. They'll discuss the current and future micro and macroeconomics influencing land loan rates, the concept of patronage and how it can lower the cost of borrowing, the benefits of financing now, regardless of whether rates rise or fall, the challenges faced by those trying to finance land without access, examples of scenarios in which this issue arises, potential financing options, and the potential opportunities with landlocked properties. We'll also hear from Ben about a successful land financing without access scenario and the process used to secure the loan. Plus, Ben will share his recommendations for individuals and organizations seeking to finance land without access. So, let's jump right in and learn all about financing landlocked property with Ben Elliot.

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