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May 24, 2023

How to Attract Bucks to Your Property - HLP150

On this episode, Joe and Butch are joined by Lee Dixon with Whitetail Partners to discuss how to attract bucks to your property. We will discuss the components of mature buck habitat, why managing your land for mature bucks is important, what factors can negatively affect habitat quality, and what techniques can be used to create a habitat for mature bucks. They also discuss other considerations for managing whitetail deer habitat for mature bucks, such as the need for a sanctuary and how to treat these areas. Mature buck habitat is composed of several components. These include bedding areas, food sources, and travel routes, all of which are important for mature buck survival. 

Managing mature bucks is different from managing for any other deer. It is essential to focus on creating ideal habitat conditions throughout the year, rather than just during hunting season. Several factors can negatively impact the quality of mature buck habitat. This includes human activities such as hunting pressure, habitat destruction, etc. Landowners can use various techniques to improve habitat quality, such as timber management, prescribed burns, and food plot management. 

Finally, when managing whitetail deer habitat for mature bucks, it is important to consider creating a sanctuary to provide a safe haven for bucks to live and reproduce. This area should be kept off-limits to hunting and human activities so that the bucks can remain undisturbed. Enjoy the show.


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