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Mar 7, 2019

Huntin Land | Ep15 | Land Appraisal
This is Huntin' Land, the podcast for Land Hunters and Landowners with How-to's for Habitat Management and Land Investment. if you own or manage land or want to learn more about how to do so, this is the podcast for you. 
We get a lot of landowners that want to know, how much is my land worth? We’ve recorded a video series to explain exactly how we determine that... just head over to to get the series. 
Today we're digging deep into land appraisal with Dale Williamson of Alabama Ag Credit. Today we'll answer the questions:
What goes into determining, "what is an acre of land worth?" When it comes to a hunting land appraisal, How do you appraise land? 
How much is my land worth if the hunting is good/bad?
What are the different approaches that are taken when determining how much is my land worth? How much is my land worth when there are no comparable sales? Just about every rural property has area sales, but hunting land and other types of rural land are often so unique there may be no comparable sales. How do you do a land appraisal in these scenarios?
When creating a land appraisal and determining, how much is my land worth? What components have to be considered? How is vacant land appraised? What happens when you have a large acreage with various structures?
How does timber effect, "how much is my land worth?" How do agriculture, soil quality, and improvements affect the land appraisal? 
Can I sell land without an appraisal?
How Much does a land appraisal cost? Can you sell land without an appraisal? 
We'll also share some real-life stories where operating without a land appraisal have cost landowners a lot of money. whether it's leaving money on the table by undervaluing a tract of land or losing money from land sitting on the market too long, a land appraisal is a vital component a fast, accurate and profitable land transaction. 
Thanks for listening, If you would like more information on habitat management on your land be sure to email us your questions to