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Apr 1, 2019

Huntin Land | ep18 | Liguid Fertilizer
As we enter into Spring, our turkey hunters have only one thing on their mind. But for everyone else, this is the time of year to plant spring and summer food plots and enhance the forage available to the game animals we pursue. 
Today on the show we're talking with Chris Grantham of Alabama Liquid Fertilizer to learn about liquid vs granular fertilizer for spring food plots. 
In Liquid Vs Granular fertilizer for Spring food plots we'll cover the formulation of liquid fertilizer specifically for wildlife and how it differs from products formulated for turf management or agriculture. 
We'll also talk about application methods and answer those frequently asked questions like:

Is soil testing necessary in liquid vs granular fertilizer?

We know we can use liquid fertilizer for food plots, can we use Liquid fertilizer for native vegetation? 

What are the Application rates for liquid fertilizer vs granular fertilizer? How much liquid fertilizer should we apply per acre and how does that compare to granular?

How long does liquid fertilizer last? Does it last longer than granular fertilizer? 

When do we apply liquid fertilizer vs granular fertilizer? What stage of plant growth should we look for?

 What are the benefits of liquid vs granular fertilizer for spring food plots? 

Does liquid fertilizer make forage more palatable? 

Is liquid fertilizer more efficient? Do you use less per acre?

Can Liquid Fertilizer save you money? What kind of cost savings per acre can you expect?

Can using Liquid vs granular Fertilizer save you time? 

Are there any cons to liquid fertilizer? What extra equipment do we need? Does Liquid Fertilizer have a shelf life? Can Liquid and Granular Fertilizer be used together?

We get a lot of landowners that want to know, how much is my land worth? We’ve recorded a video series to explain exactly how we determine that... just head over to to get the series. 

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