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May 20, 2019

This week on Huntin' Land we're talking to Chuck Sykes. Chuck is the Director of the Alabama Department of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries as well as a bona fide wildlife biologist. Chuck has managed wildlife in multiple states around the country and has a good handle on the negatives of deer baiting. 

In this week's show, we'll cover just what the new baiting law in Alabama means for hunters in the state. Who has to buy a license? how much do they cost? What is the financial impact on hunters and economies in the state? Is this a net positive for wildlife?

We learn how some very intelligent negotiating by the ADCNR has given the state more flexibility in managing communicable wildlife diseases. 

After we talk legal specifics, we'll discuss whether baiting is really the panacea that some believe it is. We'll discuss tactics for using baiting for better hunting and better wildlife management. 

If you've got a question you'd like us to ask Chuck about baiting on a subsequent show, just email us at