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May 28, 2019

HLP | 23 | Pond Construction

This week on Huntin' Land we're talking with Rob Brannon, master pond builder and President of Meinhardt Farms Inc. Robb has built more ponds than most of us have ever seen, and today he is sharing his insight on what you need to know before you start. 

Water Sources - Does Construction of your pond differ based on the type of water source you intend to use? Rainfall v watershed v pump

Water Retention / Soils - What kind of soils do we need to ensure a successful pond? If we don't have the right soils, is there anything we can do?

Pond Size / Depth - What is the typical size pond that you build? Do you feel there is an ideal size from a recreational perspective, i.e. aesthetics and fishing? How deep is too deep? How much is not enough? 

Shape- What can you tell us about pond shape? Is there a reason to construct the pond in any particular shape or with any particular shoreline features? Does shape vary by site? What about the underwater slope? Why is it important? 

Structure - Underwater and above water
What structure do you place underwater and why? What about on the shoreline?

The Dam -  What comes first, the dam or the hole? Does the dirt in a dam have to be brought in? What about the topsoil and dirt removed to dig the pond, what should we do with that? 

What is freeboard? What is the right amount?

Cost -  Is there a way to estimate cost, say x amount just to get started then +++ / acre of pond size? What is the average construction cost of a typical sized recreational pod? What goes into a project that will increase cost?

By the end of this show, you'll be a dam expert. You'll know what it takes to construct a pond and have everything you need to start the process. 

After we talk with Robb, Clint and I go in depth on how a pond affects property value and marketability. If you're considering buying or building a pond, you want to hear this show. 

If you've got a question you'd like us to ask Robb about baiting on a subsequent show, just email us at