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Jan 3, 2019

This is Huntin' Land, the podcast for Land Hunters and Landowners; with Real Time Rut Reports, Waterfowl Migrations, and How-to's for Habitat Management and Land Investment.

This week's focus is Wildlife Management, specifically Coyote Trapping, Bobcat Trapping, Raccoon Trapping, and Opossum Trapping. These are the poachers you're allowing on your land. If you are actively involved in Wildlife Management, whether you're engaged in trapping or not, you owe it to yourself to listen to us interview Mike Sievering. Mike is the Conservation Director for the National Trapping association as well as the President of the Alabama Trapping and Predator Control Association.

Mike has decades of knowledge in coyote trapping, bobcat trapping, raccoon trapping, and shares eye opening research regarding predation rates of deer and turkeys as well as what kind of results land owners and land managers can expect from predator control in their wildlife management system. 

Ever wondered how to start trapping? What kind of trapping supplies do you need for coyote trapping? What kind of traps work best for Raccoon trapping? What do you need to know before you are ready for bobcat trapping? Mike gives us the rundown of what to expect and how to get started. 

How much does trapping cost to implement? What does a dog proof trap cost? How about a coyote trapping or bobcat trapping setup? Guess what it may be more or less than you thought but the real answer is that it's costing you a lot more to NOT trap your land or your hunting property.

To wrap it all up, Mike gives us resources for the crash course that is needed to get started and where a hunter can go to get started, FOR FREE!

You don't want to miss this show, where each week we keep you up to date on dynamics in Land investment such as current wildlife management trends like bobcat trapping, coyote trapping, raccoon trapping, opossum trapping and anything else the American landowner wants to know.

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