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Aug 19, 2019

HLP - ep29 - Planning Fall Food Plots

In this episode of Huntin' Land we're planning for fall food plots. We're talking this week to Daniel Bumgarner. Daniel is responsible for the planting of more fall food plots in a season than most are in their lifetime. He's learned a thing or two about how to get the most out of your fall food plots and some pitfalls you must avoid. This week we cover:

Reasons Fall Food Plots Fail

Soil Tests - Are you getting them on all your plots? If not, is it too late?

Location - Do you have small plots or big plots? Are you selecting the right forage for the size of the plot or taking a one size fits all approach?

Is there such a thing as bad seed?

Are you matching the forage you plant to the soil types on your property?

Are you Under-seeding or over-seeding? How can we make sure we aren't?


Selecting the Best Clover Food Plot Seed

Which clover is best by soil type?

Which clover is best by your wildlife management goals?

What kind of site do you like for clover?

How can we choose between perennials and annuals?


Food Plots for Deer in the Woods

What is your Deer density?

High or low deer density, which forage should we choose for these "Kill plots" or "hidey hole plots"

What can you do to prevent over-browsing in high deer density areas?

If we have a failure, what can we do?