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Nov 29, 2023

In this episode of the Huntin’ Land podcast, host Joe Baya interviews Ted Devos of Bach and Devos to learn all about controlled burning or prescribed burns. Ted explains that controlled burning is a way to manage vegetation and ecosystems safely and sustainably, and shares some of the different types of burns. Joe and Ted discuss the various benefits of the practice, such as improved wildlife habitat, reduced fire danger, and improved soil nutrient levels. The duo also goes through the essential steps to consider before igniting a controlled burn, from creating a burn plan to establishing firebreaks and the critical equipment needed to ensure the fire is safe and efficient. Ted also shares some helpful tips on becoming a Certified Prescribed Fire Manager and protecting oneself during the burn process. Finally, they dive into the potential financial costs of a controlled burn and available options for funding, such as cost sharing with the state forestry commission and organizations like the Prescribed Burn Association.

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