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May 29, 2019

Huntin Land | Ep24 | Hunting Land | Loans

Today on Huntin' Land, we're talking with Amanda Ryan of Alabama Ag Credit and were learning how buying hunting land differs from other real estate loans.

If you've been a first time home buyers, you know there is a lot to discover about the process. First Time Land Buyers are no different, as hunting land loans differ significantly in many ways.

The Farm Credit system is different from traditional lenders not only in their internal structure but also in the loan vehicles they offer. Listen in, and you'll learn.

How do Down Payments differ for hunting land loans?
Must you always use Cash or can you Collateralize other assets you own?

How do Terms differ for hunting land loans?
What are the typical loan periods?
Do hunting land loans operate with balloons, ARM's, fixed rates or all of the above?

How are interest rates different for hunting land loans?
Are hunting land loan interest rates higher or lower than residential rates?
What Factors influence hunting land loan interest rates? Why would someone choose a variable rate?

What is a fixed to choice hunting land loan? How can this loan benefit you as a buyer?

What is a funds bearing account? How can you use land income to make your hunting land loan payments for you?

What Documents do you need to get in order for approval of a hunting land loan?
Does having approval make your hunting land offer more competitive?

What is a Reverse 1031 exchange? How can Alabama Ag Credit assist you in this with a hunting land loan?

Got more questions about Hunting Land Loans?

Email us at and we'll be happy to help.