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Jun 17, 2019

Huntin Land | 26 | Land Insurance

Today on Huntin' Land you'll learn:
What types of hunting land insurance products are available to hunting lease holders and land owners?

What specific exclusions you should look for based on the most common types of accidents.

What are the most common forms of liability with land used for hunting?

Are you Covered? 

What are some specific instances in which claims were required and land insurance or hunting lease insurance saved the day?

Are Landowner Liability incidents rising or declining? Why?

What kind of specific coverages should a landowner look for with regards to land insurance?

What about hunting lease insurance?

What types of incidents are never covered with Land insurance or hunting lease insurance?

Why would a landowner not use an umbrella insurance from their homeowner’s policy?

Are all land insurance plans the same?

We'll share experiences where incidents were and were not covered.

We'll learn about cost? What can a landowner expect to pay?

We'll learn specifically about the coverage offered through the QDMA why it is of benefit over other policies.


For more information about the QDMA and their hunting lease liability insurance check out the following page.